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Six Sigma Small Projects Certified

Learn to run a small Six Sigma project or Kaizen event, get certified online.
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What's included?

  • Online Learning Module
  • 1 Certification Exam
  • Digital Certificate

Become a Kaizen Strategist 

You will learn how to develop and organize a small six sigma project.  These Kaizen events are designed to be fast and effective, propelling your company to more profits with less waste and inefficiencies.

Personal brand

Process improvement is one of the most highly sought-after skills in corporate America.  Having this Six Sigma Small Projects Certification shows you have the skills to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Six Sigma Online

This Six Sigma Small Projects Certification is designed to be completed online, quickly and conveniently.  Don't take a program that costs thousands of dollars and a year to complete.  Get certified online in just a few hours!  This program includes all the training and the SSCE certification.

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Patrick Jones - Course author

Six Sigma

Learn about Lean Six Sigma

Event Planning

Learn how small Six Sigma projects are planned and executed.

Small Projects

Small Six Sigma projects and Kaizen Events can have a big impact on an organization.


Get your digital certificate immediately upon passing the exam.
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