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Six Sigma Essentials Certification

FREE Six Sigma certification - Learn the essential process improvement skills that employers demand.  No credit card required!
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What's included?

  • 1 Learning module
  • 1 Certification exam
  • Unlimited attempts to pass the exam.
  • Digital Certificate
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Learn the essentials

You'll learn what Six Sigma is all about and how a process called DMAIC call help your organization be more profitable.  Six Sigma is all about continuous improvement.

Get certified for FREE

This certification is offered 100% FREE.  If you like it, and find it valuable, you can choose to continue your studies by getting your Six Sigma belt certifications.

Six Sigma Essentials

So what, exactly, will you learn?  Six Sigma is a process improvement method.  It seeks to improve quality by identifying and removing the causes of defects and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes. It does this by using statistical quality management methods and by hiring people who serve as Six Sigma experts. Each Six Sigma project follows a defined methodology (DMAIC) and has specific value targets, usually focused on increasing customer satisfaction.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Why get a free six sigma certification?

New Skills!

It's never a bad idea to add new skills.  Employers love candidates with process improvement skills.  Now you can gain some for free.

Resumé Booster!

Six Sigma can make your resumé stand out over others.  Employers get hundreds of candidates for jobs, make your stand out!

Continuous Improvement

It's always fun to expand your knowledge, especially when it's free.  This program takes about 15 minutes to complete, you're just minutes away from a new certification!

Why is this certification free?

This certification is completely free, really!  No credit card is required.  Hopefully, you find it so valuable to that decide to continue your studies by purchasing one of our paid Six Sigma "Belt" programs.  Or, save a ton of money by registering for our bundle package.

Do I have to purchase one of your paid programs?

Absolutely not!  You're welcome to take our free Six Sigma Essentials certification, then move on.  If you find it helpful, we hope you'll leave us a wonderful review online, or tell your friends.  Your under no obligation to buy.
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