What the heck is DMAIC?

DMAIC is an abbreviation. Some people pronounce it as a word “Dmaic”. Others spell out the letters and call it D.M.A.I.C. Either way, it represents the same thing. The letters stand for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.

DMAIC refers to a data-driven improvement cycle using statistical analysis of a process. It’s used for improving, optimizing and controlling business processes so that they run as efficiently as possible. It is the primary tool used during a Six Sigma project. The stages are broken down like this:
Define Stage - Identify and state the problem. What is the problem you're company is trying to fix?

Measure Stage - Validate the practical problem by collecting data. Is it really a problem and can you measure it with data?

Analyze Stage - Convert the practical problem to a statistical one, define statistical goal and identify potential statistical solutions. This is the real path to solving the problem.

Improve Stage - Confirm and test the Statistical solution. Has the solution you implementing really worked? If so, you should be able to measure the improvement.

Control Stage - Convert the statistical solution to a practical solution. How do you keep the new process from reverting back to a broken one?

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