What job can you get with Six Sigma certification?

It’s no secret that process improvement skills are one of the most sought-after skills in business.  What surprises people however, is just how many job roles require it as part of the pre-screening requirements.

Organizations seek out people with skills like lean six sigma, agile, and quality management because those candidates have two very important skills, waste reduction skills and process improvement skills.
Let’s take a look at some real-world examples.  We looked through job postings on indeed.com to find positions that mention specific keywords like Six sigma, or a broader definition like process improvement.  We found tens of thousands of open positions at some of the largest organizations in the country.

Examples of Jobs Requiring Six Sigma Certification

Operations Manager

Here we can see a job posting from Amazon for the role of Operations Manager.  With a salary of $256k per year, this is clearly an important role within the organization.  Under the preferred qualifications section, we can see the following statement “Certification or experience in Six Sigma Projects with implementation and mentorship”.  For a position like this it’s no surprise that Amazon is looking for both a certification and experience in implementation.  Someone newly certified with no prior experience wouldn’t qualify to work at this level yet, even with a Black Belt certification.
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Continuous Improvement Manager

This job posting from Ethos is for a Continuous Improvement Manager who managers all aspects of the company supply chain.  They specifically mention manufacturing, deployment, and aftermarket.  It states “this position will drive the development and implementation of our Operations Strategy, providing support to the process owners in order to clearly link projects and metrics with our strategic operations objectives. The goal is to push the business to constantly eliminate waste and improve customer satisfaction.”  The salary ranges from 160k – 200k depending on experience.

For requirements they state the following:  “Significant Lean / Six Sigma experience and knowledge of the associated analytics.  Apply the appropriate tools (e.g., Lean, Six Sigma) to complex business processes and implement solutions which provide positive performance and financial impact.”

Project Manager

It’s standard practice for Project Managers to have a PMP certification from the Project Management Institute.  It’s now becoming more common for companies to want their project managers to train in Lean Six Sigma as well.  In this job posting we see that Princeton IT Services is hiring a project manager on a contract basis.  This type of employment arrangement is common with project management since many of these jobs are based on a specific project with an end date.

While the official certification requirement only mentions PMP, if you scroll down to the application questions section, you’ll notice they ask “Do you have Knowledge of Six Sigma, COBIT, ITIL, or other QMS framework?”  It’s unlikely that an applicant without these skills will be considered for the job, even if they have past experience.  This company values quality management and is looking for applicants with experience in multiple improvement disciplines.
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Where to find these jobs:

For all of these job listings we used Indeed to find them.  There are lots of great career search engines and any of them should help you find open positions.  The real trick is knowing what job skills to search for.  Here are the skills that we searched for that pulled up relevant results, with a corresponding link to Indeed:
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