How many six sigma black belts are there?

This number changes each year based primarily on two factors, how many new Black Belts are certified and how many Black Belts allow their certification to expire.

SSCE conducted a study based on the following criteria:

  • Organizational interviews.
  • Online research & LinkedIn profile mentions.
  • Internal review of new certification holders and renewal rates.

Based on this research, SSCE calculates that there are approximately 78,500 certified Six Sigma Black Belts throughout North America (US & Canada) as of November 2021.  It’s estimated that there are an additional 56,000 certified Black Belts throughout the rest of the world, focused primary in the UK, UAE, and Asia.

Not all certifications require renewal, so many Black Belts may continue running projects even beyond the typical 3-year renewal period.  This is common, especially if they haven’t switched companies.

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