The fastest way to get your Six Sigma Green Belt certification

You’ve been looking for jobs online and they all say something like “six sigma knowledge required” or “six sigma certification preferred”.  Don’t be surprised, every employer now wants people with process improvement knowledge because they are more valuable to the company.

You’ve decided to get your six sigma green belt certification, but how can you get it quickly?  The answer is to find an online six sigma green belt certification that is both self-paced and comprehensive.

Self-Paced Six Sigma:

Taking a self-paced program means that you move at your own speed rather than a pace set by the training company. Most college-based study programs include an instructor. That instructor usually meets with students on a set schedule, like once or twice a week. This is fine if you’re not in a hurry, but prevents you from moving faster if you want. Taking a self-paced, or competency-based training program allows you to move much faster. You read through the material and access audio/video on your own time. Then you can take the certification exam as soon as you’re ready.

Comprehensive Six Sigma Training:

Just because a program is fast, doesn’t mean it can’t be comprehensive. When you look through the list of topics for the training, make sure it includes these critical items:

• y=f(x)
• Six Sigma belts and job functions
• Managing tasks and project communication
• Six Sigma project definition and project scope
• The DMAIC Method
• Voice of the Customer (VOC)
• And processes like TQM, 5S, and Process Maps
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