Free Six Sigma Resources!

SSCE provides the training needed to be successful with Six Sigma.  We also provide the process improvement community with tools to successfully run a Six Sigma project, even if you didn't take your training online with us!

The below links provide two of the most important forms to get your Six Sigma project started.

Six Sigma Project Charter

The project Charter is the main defining document for a project.  This document lists all employees who will contribute and what roles, or belts, they will fill.  The key stakeholders are defined here as well.

It is a living document (meaning it can change as needed during the project) and requires a significant amount of time to write properly.  It helps the project team stay on track with the goals of the project as well as the organization and it's stakeholders.  It is important to have charters signed by the appropriate company officers, not the least of which are the sponsor and financial representatives.

All of the key elements and goals of the project are recorded on the document.  The problem statement, major challenges, and project scope are listed.

Finally, the deliverables are added so that the team knows exactly what the end-goal of the project is.

Who uses the Project Charter?
The project charter is typically completed by the Six Sigma Black Belt, with assistance from the project Champion.  For smaller projects or kaizen events, a Six Sigma Green Belt may lead the project and complete the charter.


Six Sigma Project Schedule

Generally completed at the same time as the project charter, the project schedule is a detailed roadmap of exactly when each stage of the DMAIC process should begin.  This document is critical because it helps to limit project scope and sets a hard deadline for tasks to be completed.  It is common to compare task progress against the timeline set in the project schedule.

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